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Audio Troubleshooting Guide

No Audio / Bad Audio

Ensure the plugs are fully seated in their respective sockets. Some audio jack sockets on hardware and adapters can be very stiff, especially when new. Check to make sure the plugs are fully seated.

Worn or Frayed Cable

Over time or due to unexpected wear of the cable, the braiding may become furry, frayed or even pull away from the connector. The condition of the braiding does not impact the performance of the audio cable. If wear progresses to the point where copper cable is exposed, discontinue use of the cable immediately and replace it. While audio current may not be harmful, it has the potential to short out or otherwise damage expensive equipment.

Crackling Audio

If you have poor audio quality that crackles when the plugs are manipulated, this could indicate that the contact terminals inside one or more connected devices are corroded and aren’t making an uninterrupted electrical circuit. Please check your hardware for maintenance needs and try again.

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