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DisplayPort Troubleshooting Guide

No Picture

Unplug and check the DisplayPort cable, then replace and test again. Try another input/output.

If you have a spare DisplayPort cable that you know is good, trying it will help establish if the cable or the hardware is faulty. Power cycle all components and try again.

For Personal Computers, ensure you are selecting a resolution and refresh rate that is compatible with your monitor. It may be easier to configure a problematic DisplayPort monitor by using a second monitor using another display technology such as HDMI, DVI or even VGA.

No Audio

DisplayPort Audio and Video are carried by the same data stream at the same time, so if a picture is coming through without audio, the cable unlikely to be at fault.

In this situation, double check that your source has working audio, and that your display or sound system is powered and that the correct input is selected. If you think everything is connected properly, power cycle all components and try again.

HDR / UHD / VFR Unavailable

Many premium DisplayPort features, especially those for gaming computers, require high quality, high-bitrate cables as well as compatible hardware to function.

Always check the specifications of your graphics processor (GPU) and your monitor to ensure they both support the features you need, and select HBR3 or better DisplayPort cables whenever possible.

MST / Thunderbolt Issues

Thunderbolt uses DisplayPort sockets, and is compatible with DisplayPort screens, but the data it transfers is different. If you are using DisplayPort cables, Thunderbolt features such as PCI-E are likely to become unavailable.

If you are using a multi-stream transport hub (MST splitter), attach it directly to the source device, then connect and power on each display in turn. Because each computer has different hardware specifications, all resolutions may not be available when using an MST hub.

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