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HDMI Troubleshooting Guide

No Picture

Unplug and check the HDMI cable, then replace and test again. Try another input/output.

If you have a spare HDMI cable that you know is good, trying it will help establish if the cable or the hardware is faulty. Power cycle all components and try again.

Also check that your source device is sending out a signal compatible with your display. For example, sending a 4K signal to a 1080p TV will likely result in no signal.

No Audio

HDMI Audio and Video are carried by the same data stream at the same time, so if a picture is coming through without audio, the cable unlikely to be at fault*.

In this situation, double check that your source has working audio, and that your display or sound system is powered and that the correct input is selected. If you think everything is connected properly, power cycle all components and try again.

*the Audio Return Channel (ARC) is run on a separate dedicated data line. In the case of an ARC failure, you can also check by using a known good cable to see if the cable is faulty.

HDR / UHD / 8K Unavailable

High resolutions, high refresh rates and high dynamic range video data require additional bandwidth to display. Always use the shortest HDMI cables possible and check they support the required bandwidth. For long runs, consider an optical HDMI cable.

Additionally, check that the inputs and outputs you are connecting to are compatible with the features you intend to use. Some televisions have only select sockets which support 4K/8K input or ARC output.

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