Digital to Analog Audio Converter

MSRP $69.95 ea inc GST

D2A Audio Converter converts from a either an SPDIF Optical TOSLINK or SPDIF Digital Coaxial source to 2RCA analog stereo.

  • Great for TV optical outputs
  • Supports non-compressed digital audio input
  • Supports 32, 44.1 48 and 96 KHz input
  • Includes an RCA to 3.5mm stereo adapter


A 2RCA Stereo (male) to 3.5mm Stereo (female) adapter cable is included to expand your connection options.

Please note: Adapter only supports 3-pole TRS stereo headphones. For 4-pole TRRS headphone support please see AVC-C5812.

Does your TV or Soundbar feature an optical audio output socket, but fails to include a simple headphone jack? Then this is the right converter for you. It takes 2-channel LPCM digital audio in either Optical (Toslink) or Electrical (RCA Coaxial) formats and converts it to regular old analog stereo for use with headphones, wireless headphones, amplifiers and powered speaker systems.

It’s the digital-to-analogue audio converter you’ve been dreaming of!

Just plug this anonymous, compact little unit in, switch it on, and never worry about it again. And because it’s powered, it can extend your cable runs with Active Signal Repeating! It’s the easiest way to get new and cold audio components working together.

Note: Ensure your output audio is set to 2-Channel LPCM or PCM stereo, as this converter unit can’t handle compressed Dolby or DTS multi-channel audio. Device does not include audio cables for connecting to your equipment.

Inputs and Outputs include:

  • 1 x TOSLINK Optical Input
  • 1 x Digital Coaxial Input
  • 2 x RCA (L&R) Analogue Output
  • Toslink/Digital Coax IN –> 2 x RCA Audio OUT

Product Features:

  • Converts TOSLINK or Digital Coaxial SPDIF to L and R RCA Stereo Audio
  • Supports 32, 44.1 48 and 96 KHz input
  • 24-bit S/PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channels
  • Line level output
  • Supports non-compressed digital audio input (LPCM 2CH 24bit)
  • Active signal repeating, run up to 25m – 30m depending on cabling
  • Great for TV optical outputs!
  • 5v Australian Mains Power supply included
  • Measures: 64 x 48 x 26mm
  • Weight: 80g

Note: This unit includes an RCA to 3.5mm stereo adapter, but does not include audio cables for connecting to your equipment.

Product Summary
Product Code AVC-SP500
Packaging Retail Box
Inputs and Outputs
Input(s) TOSLINK/Digital Coaxial
Output(s) 2 x RCA Audio
Control Type
Power Specifications
Input Type 5V~2A
Power Max Use 10W
Product Dimensions
Dimensions 64 (W) x 48 (L) x 26 (H) mm