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Common warranty queries answered

Warranty Coverage

Each of our products comes with a warranty that lasts between 1 and 5 years from the invoice date. To see the duration of warranty coverage for your item, check its product page or packaging.

Your purchases are protected against manufacturing defects and product faults which become apparent under normal use. If your product doesn’t work, stops working, or doesn’t work as expected, you may be eligible for a replacement or refund.

Warranty Exclusions include:

  • Misuse or abuse of the product
  • Improper handling, operation or installation of the product
  • Adverse external conditions such as thunderstorm activity, water damage, or soiling.
  • Unauthorised repair or modification including cosmetic changes, customisation or personalisation
  • Any connected third-party hardware whether supported or unsupported.

For fastest warranty handling, please contact your retailer directly. If you are unable to make a warranty claim via the seller, please contact us.

Our warranties cover products only when they are used as directed or intended, for their specific purpose, according to the instructions on our website or in the user manuals which are included with most devices.

Utilising or adapting a product to work in a manner outside of or contrary to the instructions or intended use cases may void your warranty and limit our ability to help you.

We know the frustration of having a product break down just outside of the warranty period. In these cases Avencore is happy to offer reasonable extensions of warranty periods on a case-by-case basis.

In the case of a product having been replaced under warranty, its warranty period will not be reset or extended and will continue from the original invoice date.

If you have problems with your item

Technical Support

Each product page has information on the intended uses and specifications for each device.

Simply search for your product by name or product code, visit the respective page and read the information available in the tabs under the photo.

If the product page is lacking information or you have a further queries, please use the form on the contact us page.

Absolutely. Our customer support team are familiar with our products and their abilities, so we can provide parts interpretation quickly and easily. Just use the form on our contact page!

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