Tiger Tags Numbered Cable Labels 160-Pack

MSRP $24.95 ea inc GST

Tough Cable Labels Numbered 1 to 80 in pairs.

  • 160-Pack
  • Numbered Cable Labels
  • Tear Resistant
  • Water Resistant


Commercial-grade cable labels with a highly legible number for quick and easy identification of cables. Suitable for use in home, office and retail settings. Tiger Tags are tough, tear-resistant and water-resistant, with bold number for better recognition in low-light areas where cables are usually run. Suitable for cables up to 8mm in diameter when folded over the lead, and for cables up to 15mm in diameter when rolled around the lead.

Each pack includes 80 label pairs numbered 1 to 80,  for a total of 160 labels.

Product Features

  • 2 Different Colour Packs to Choose
  • Synthetic PP Paper for tear- and water-resistance
  • Pre-numbered for up to 80 cables labelled at each end
  • Suits cables up to 15mm in diameter
  • Two methods of application
  • Robust and hard-wearing labelling solution

Numbered Package contents

  • 160 x Numbered Labels (2 * 1-80)